about us

64 Shattuck Square #A

Berkeley, California 94704

Downtown Berkeley

Firefly Yoga has been a long time in the making. We met 10 years ago, each a couple of years into our own yoga journeys, as very enthusiastic practitioners at Urban Flow in San Francisco. After a very long friendship we realized (surprise!) that we were in love and wanted to spend our lives together. We made a commitment back then that we would try to always remember what really matters to us. In our case that was the desire to be as present in our lives as possible and although we are not always successful, the practice of yoga has always been really important in helping us come back to that promise time and time again. 


Throughout  the years our yoga practice has truly been the foundation of everything else in our lives. It is what grounds us and what keeps us connected to ourselves, to each other, and to our path. Through all of the challenges that come with living a life, yoga has been there to provide strength and comfort. Over time our practice and idea of what yoga is has shifted a bit from what it once was and these days there is more stillness, breathing, sitting, and finding quiet moments when we can, in addition to our physical practice, and it continues to grow and evolve. 


Our daughter, Lucie, was 6 months old when the lockdowns went into place. As a result of both new parenthood and the Covid-19 pandemic, neither of us have practiced in a studio in almost two years. Previously, the studios that we attended regularly in different neighborhoods and cities had been very important to us and we usually went to a public class several times a week. Some of these spaces were like second homes to us and have come to define different chapters in our lives. When we travel the first thing we do is to find a local studio where we can  practice and find fellowship. While we have really come to love our home practice and the little space that we have made for it (Lucie even joins us from time to time) there is nothing like the energy and connectedness that comes from a group class, especially after so much time away from the world. There is something very special about being in a room full of people that have all chosen to come to the same place and move and breathe together. 


We feel incredibly blessed and humbled to be opening the doors to Firefly Yoga. Our sincere wish is that the studio will support a vibrant, warm and diverse community - a place where yogis of all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds and levels of experience show up on their mats to connect with one another and to reconnect with themselves. We can’t wait to meet you there.

-- Adam & Heather